Blocks That Let You Build a Cat

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As a tried-and-true cat lady, there’s absolutely nothing I love more than snuggling with one of my five beautiful felines. Although their purrs and superadorable yawns always bring a smile to my face, I’ve been told by my fiancé that five is more than enough. And while I don’t agree with him at all totally get where he’s coming from, he never said anything about fake, life-size cats made from blocks.

JEKCA, a Hong Kong-based company, released an entire line of build-your-own cats in 2017, and the detail in each model is absolutely extraordinary. Cat-lovers can choose from a variety of breeds and models posed in different positions, and I need to get them all. Scroll through to get a look at these purrfect works of art, whether you have a love for Persians or are more into tabbys. Oh, and PS, it has building kits for dogs, too!

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