Dog with a troubled past gets adopted

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Around this time a year ago, Grace the dog was found crated in a shed without food or water for nearly a month.  

Grace was almost a year old when she was found in that crate in January of 2018. She had to be on IV fluids and medications to help prepare her system for food.  After being at the Anna Shelter for nearly a year, Grace now has a new home with Kirstie Orengia. Orengia says after seeing grace on multiple facebook post by the Anna Shelter, she decided to go meet the dog and she feel in love with her at first sight. Orengia added that Grace’s situation is a reminder on why adopting animals is so important. 

“People don’t realize it, but it means more to them than it does to the people, just to have someone to love them and want to spend time with the everyday,” said Orengia. Authorities would like to remind people to keep your pets inside during this frigid weather.

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