Video of rough treatment at Diamond Dog centre

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Video has emerged of a man’s dog being thrown to the ground and roughly treated at a dog day care centre, Seven News reported.

The video secretly filmed at the Diamond Dog Activity Centre at Salisbury South in Adelaide shows the female dog, Zena, being thrown to and pinned to the ground.

When Seven posted the video online, the owner of the one-year-old American staffordshire terrier, Reece Melders, came forward.

Mr Melders described the video as “distressing”.

“You’re seeing something you love quite a lot being pinned to the ground, held there and being thrown to the ground especially,” Mr Melders told Channel 7.

“I wouldn’t want it done to me. She’s the sweetest dog I ever met.”

Mr Melders said when he approached the dog centre’s owner, she said she was using a special calming technique.

“She showed us what she did on her dog, and what we saw on the video were two different things,” he said.

When the video surfaced online, other dog owners rushed to the facility to collect their own animals.

When Seven News approached the owner for comment, she “pulled down the shutters, deleted her Facebook page and called police”.

The RSPCA told Seven the way Zena was handled was “too rough and unnecessary”.

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