Best Cold Weather Gear Coats Boots for Dogs 2019

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Photo: Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images

Dog outerwear is adorable. Whether in tiny knit sweaters or galoshes on the paws and raincoats with tail openings, every dog from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane looks better when dressed up to go outdoors. But dog jackets and boots aren’t just for aesthetics and human enjoyment — they’re essential for protecting pets against cold weather and precipitation.

With a built-in coat, a dog might seem like he never needs extra layers, but that’s not so. Some breeds are better equipped to deal with the cold than others, so take your dog’s lead when choosing how much gear they’ll need depending on the temperature and how long you’ll be outdoors. “If you’re only outside for a short time, under ten minutes, then coats aren’t usually necessary. Dogs in temperatures above 45 degrees typically don’t need a coat, but know your dog and keep an eye out for signs they feel cold,” says Nicole Ellis, dog training and product expert at Rover. Once the temperature dips below 45, you’ll want to start paying attention to those signs. According to Ellis, one way of checking your dog’s temperature is to feel the outer edges of their ears — if they’re cold to the touch, it’s probably time to bundle up.

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