Cat gets second chance at life, thanks to officer

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A Central Florida code enforcement officer doubles as a big-time animal lover.

When she stopped to help after a cat had been hit by a car, it just seemed natural to check back to make sure the kitten was okay.

WESH 2’s Dave McDaniel looked at how that incident gave the cat a second chance.

Amanda Draughon said three weeks ago, she stopped after others were tending to the cat when he was hit by a car.

“He had a little cut on his eye right here, and that was about it, they said he was perfectly healthy,” Draughon said.

The cat was healthy, but homeless.

“I kept calling every single day to check on him, and no one had claimed him,” Draughon said.

Draughon’s husband reminded her that not every animal she meets can come home with her because it’s not practical.

“I’ve rescued a few and had to find their owners and such, but Chance didn’t have that, so I told him he’d have to come home with us and thankfully, he agreed after a little convincing,” Draughon said.

The family already had a rescue cat, and thankfully, there’s no battle over territory.

Photos show how playful the two of them can be, which thrills Draughon.

“I felt like I was there for a reason, and no one had claimed him, and I wanted him to be happy and I knew our family, all of our rescues are happy here,” she said.

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The cat is now known as Chance — it just seemed natural.

“I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking about this poor cat, and I just wanted him to have a chance,” Draughon said.

Not only a chance, but a second chance that many animals don’t get.

Chance gets a little more confident every day — he’s only been in his new home about a week.


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