Cats make Durban beachfront station home

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Durban –
When the boys in Blue of the South Beach Metro precinct come off patrol and back to their station, they will be greeted with a chirrup and a purr from their very own vermin-control squad.

Three stray cats have adopted the station as their territory of choice, and Inspector Anil Nundlal, of the Durban metro law enforcement, has returned the compliment by making them at home.

“It’s the right thing to do,” he says. “I am an animal lover and a Christian, and therefore cannot do any harm to any living creature. These cats have become our mascots, we feed them, and they always welcome us to our station.” Nundlal told Niki Moore co-ordinator of Cats of Durban.

This week, the cats were sterilized through Cats of Durban ( a volunteer-based NGO that looks after the stray cats in the city through Trap, Sterilize, Release), so that their numbers do not increase and there are no longer any unwanted kittens.

Niki Moore, volunteer of Cats of Durban, Inspector Anil Nundlal Durban Metro law enforcement and Miranda van Rooyen, volunteer. Picture supplied.

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