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ASHTABULA — A man pleaded guilty to killing his cat at his home in October. 

William McKay, 72, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of cruelty to companion animals and was sentenced in Ashtabula Municipal Court. Mckay received a five-day suspended jail sentence, paid $595 in fines and was ordered to have no similar offenses for two years. Included in his total fines was a $250 donation to the Animal Protective League in lieu of 24-hours of community service.

The charge stems from an Oct. 11 incident in which McKay shot his 10-year-old cat in the backyard, a police report states. When deputies arrived McKay was walking from the backyard toward them and carrying a bloody trash bag. McKay had a fully loaded .22 caliber revolver in his front pants pocket with nine rounds, of which two had been fired.

When asked what was in the bag, McKay told deputies he just shot his cat in the back of the head. Deputies tried to understand why he would shoot a cat and McKay told them because he was a mean cat and he killed birds.

Deputies told McKay at the time that the Animal Protective League would have been happy to take the cat and find a home for him versus being shot.

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