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A South Side woman is seeking assistance in recovering her dog.

Samantha Fiorilli said one of her dogs, a gray and white pit bull who answers to the name “Blue,” has been missing since a fire ravaged her house at 1609 S. Jefferson St. on Saturday.

Fiorilli, her son and two dogs lived in the house. She and her son were not at home when the fire broke out. One dog died and the other got away.

“According to Facebook, he’s been spotted in a number of places, in the 1500 block of East Washington Street and on a porch on  Jackson Avenue,” she said. “I understand the Shenango Township police are involved in searching for him.” 

She said the 2-year-old dog, who has no collar, is gray and white and has a scar on his left shoulder. Fiorilli said the dog is approachable and has never bitten anyone as far as she knows.

Anyone seeing the dog is asked to contact Fiorilli at (724) 498-8076.

Firemen said the cause of the fire is under investigation by both the city fire and police departments.  Fiorilli said the roof collapsed and the house is uninhabitable. 

“I go back every day to see if he shows up, but I haven’t seen him,” she said.”I worry about him because it’s cold and he hasn’t eaten.”

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