Benoni SPCA seizes 45 animals from well-known show dog judge and breeder (graphic content)

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Some of the animals ready to be transported. Photograph: Benoni SPCA

Benoni SPCA raided the home of a well-known show dog judge and breeder on Thursday and confiscated 45 dogs from her premises serving as a warehouse for her stock.

Thirty dogs were hidden inside the house, many of them needing immediate medical attention.

According to a statement published by Benoni SPCA on its Facebook page on Sunday, French poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Maltese poodles and Cockapoos were among the breeds found on the property.

Many appeared at first glance to be well groomed but beneath the surface serious health problems were found on the animals, including ear infections, dental disease, ulcerated tumors, eye infections, hip dysplasia, skin infections and several were underweight.

Dogs were found locked in small crates inside the house and in the domestic worker’s room.

Photograph: Benoni SPCA


According to the statement, during the SPCA’s first inspection, inspectors were told by the owner there were only 15 dogs on the property, and roughly that number of healthy-looking French poodles could be seen in the garden.

However, when the owner refused the inspectors entry into her home, suspicion was aroused, resulting in the SPCA inspectorate returning a day later with a search warrant.

Upon entry, it was found that a further 30 dogs were being hidden inside the house.

All of the dog breeder’s inventory was confiscated and the animals are being kept and treated at Benoni SPCA. Veterinary costs and quotes for the treatment of these animals will amount to well over R20 000. The dogs are not currently up for adoption and the owner will be charged for animal cruelty.

Donations towards veterinary expenses will be appreciated. You may contact Benoni SPCAs on 011 894-2814/5 for banking details of the veterinarian involved.

They are also in need of plastic bed baskets and good quality, tinned dog food as many of these animals will be undergoing mouth surgery in the next week.

Photograph: Benoni SPCA


Photograph: Benoni SPCA


Photograph: Benoni SPCA


Photograph: Benoni SPCA


Photograph: Benoni SPCA


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