Dog attack: Hounds chase woman before ‘ripping her SCALP off’

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The pack of 11 hounds reportedly savaged the woman to death moments after she was captured running off camera.

CCTV footage showed her running in terror as the dogs chase after her.

The attack was not caught on camera, but shortly after she ran out of view she was bitten by the pack.

The woman was found dead in the borough of Tecamac, in the central Mexican state of Mexico where local authorities confirmed that a dog attack was the cause of death.

According to local reports, she was found with large parts of her skin torn off and with chunks of her hair and scalp ripped out.

The toll booth worker was reportedly crossing a waste ground on her way to work when she encountered the pack of dogs.

Local authorities have identified the victim as 34-year-old Margarita N.

The dogs were medium-sized and are thought to have attacked because the woman had strayed into their territory.

The mayor instructed members of the Control and Animal Welfare Centre to visit the scene and track down the animals.

Police are looking into the case and have not ruled out the possibility that the dogs were set on the woman.

The investigation is ongoing.

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It comes after a dog mauled a five-year-old.

The police are also hunting a suspected dog killer after “killing his pet poodle with a sledgehammer“.

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