A black cat caused mayhem at an Everton game recently and we’re roaring laughing at the video

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No one wanted to take on ‘Tiddles’.

Much like Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch plotting for world domination, a Liverpudlian black cat has attempted to thwart a recent football match in Goodison Park.

Saturday’s game saw Everton take on Wolves but in a twist nobody quite expected a black cat ran onto the pitch, disrupting the game and leaving players and stewards at a loss of what to do.

Wolves had just scored their third goal through Leander Dendoncker when the stray made his appearance and fast of foot, managed to stall the game for around two minutes.

Final Score reporter John Acres named the cat ‘Tiddles’ and decided he was indeed an omen of bad luck for Everton, who incidentally did lose to Wolves with a final score of 3 – 1.

He joked “this is just what Marco Silva needs” and remarked:

“Dare I say this is the best entertainment Goodison Park has seen all season.”

Reluctant to run the risk of looking like a fool if the cat were to outrun them, stewards and players alike were unwilling to take on the cat. Thankfully ‘Tiddles’ eventually ran off the pitch and was goaded out of the stadium by officials.

Sadly, the sanctions for his prank were quite severe.

On Twitter, the reactions were, as you’d expect GOLDEN!

So, what was the purpose of the cat’s interruption? Was it a harmless prank? A protest against football? Or a coup d’etat? I guess we’ll never know what was going on inside that criminal mind of his…

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