Animal control picks up alleged ‘killer’ dogs from Mobile neighborhood

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(image: WPMI) Animal control picks up alleged ‘killer’ dogs from Mobile neighborhood

One day after concerned residents came to NBC 15, saying their neighbor’s killer dogs were reigning terror on the Mobile’s Greenwich neighborhood, animal control took action.

NBC 15 had cameras rolling Tuesday afternoon as the dog’s owners handed over their dogs to animal control and police officers.

Dog owner Salena Jones tearfully begged and pleaded with animal control officers and mobile police, saying that her dogs aren’t killers that neighbors are making them out to be.

She claims there’s many dogs roaming the neighborhood and she says there’s no proof her dogs are the one’s causing issues.

However, neighbors tell us they’ve become victims themselves.

“The dogs started pulling at my coat,” neighbor Linda Beauchamp said, adding “He didn’t touch skin but he was pulling at my coat and then I saw my cat leap this way screaming away.”

“Can no one in the neighborhood ever say I watched your dog bite me, they have no proof,” dog owner Salena Jones said, adding “If they do, I would like to see that video, camera, that picture, whatever you have.”

Jones tells NBC 15 that animal control says she’s going to have to go to court to get her dogs back.

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One of the neighbors who says her pet was killed by these dogs tells NBC 15 she’s going to take legal action.

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