Cat found alive after being thrown from Canterbury cliff in a sack

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A Canterbury cat has survived being thrown from a cliff after being tied in a wool sack.

Thomas the cat was stolen from his family home this week and has since been returned, but not before undergoing a harrowing ordeal.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is investigating the incident, after a group of people travelling Thompsons Track, south of Christchurch, heard the cat’s cries and rescued him.

It appeared the cat had been tossed off Summit Rd after being put in a wool sack. He would have tumbled between trees and rubble before landing on the walking track where he was eventually found.

Thomas was brought to the SPCA by those who found him, and luckily he had been fitted with a microchip, so he could be returned to his relieved family.

“Although Thomas’ family are happy he is home, they are distraught that someone could treat their much-loved pet like this,” the SPCA’s Southern Region general manager, Barry Helem, said.

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