Officials still searching for suspect who abandoned cat outside bar during polar vortex

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by Max Lewis, WSBT 22 Reporter

We’re getting our first look at the recovery process for a cat found behind a local bar during last week’s bitter cold.

She has a serious case of frostbite.

Animal Control says the cat was very clean and didn’t seem used to the outdoors.

They’re hoping help from the public will help them find the person that did this.

Bloody, ice covered paws is what South Bend Animal control officers found when the cat, nicknamed Frosty, was brought in last Friday.

“They were more severe than what I’ve normally seen with frostbite,” said April Michaels, South Bend Animal Control Officer.

The cat was dumped behind Mulligan’s Bar.

Surveillance pictures caught the person driving this white car dropping the cat in the snow and driving away around 8 o’clock Friday morning.

“They found it kind of cowering on the street,” said Michaels.

It’s unknown how long the cat was outdoors but veterinarians are working to make sure she recovers.

Michaels has been an animal control officer for the past five years and says while it’s upsetting, it’s part of the job.

“You get used to it, you get upset by it, but you’re used to it,” said Michaels. “If someone actually did abandon an animal, they would get charges pressed against them and there will be fines.”

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Frosty’s recovery is expected to take close to a month.

Police are working to find the person in these surveillance pictures.

If you have any information South Bend Animal Control would like to hear from you at (574) 235-9303.

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