Freezing temperatures just as dangerous for dogs in the valley

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Freezing temperatures is just as dangerous for dogs in the valley

Most people think of the dangers of the heat and our Las Vegas summers when it comes to keeping pets’ safe.

Yet, experts say the cold can really creep in and their fur doesn’t always protect them.

There are laws in place, but somewhat vague.

Animals must have food, water, and shelter. Animal Control has the right to remove an animal from a dangerous and unsafe situation, but that’s discretionary. They cannot be seen as “suffering” or put into a situation that “may endanger the health or well-being” of an animal.

However, experts say these cold temperatures that are about to hit Las Vegas will affect animals.

Jen Freet who owns Barx Parx said, “If they are shivering, that’s definitely a sign, just like humans, that they are cold.”

She said dogs are just like humans and with the wide swing in temperatures that we experience throughout the year, dogs need time to acclimate too.

“Especially with the shorter hair dogs, consider putting doggie sweaters on them,” she said. “Anything below 45 is definitely something to consider taking your dogs inside for.”

She said to pay attention to their paws. The cold can be just as dangerous as the heat. It can also make arthritis worse.

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Freet said the key is to listen to how your dog communicates with you and that may mean inside playtime during this cold snap.

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