Quebec man fined $3,000 after amputating dog’s injured paw

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A pet owner who decided to amputate his dog’s fractured paw in the autumn of 2016 has been fined $3,000 and ordered to cover court costs after being sued by the Quebec Order of Veterinarians.

The suit, launched by the order against dog owner Dominique Godin, contended that by amputating the paw, the defendant was illegally practising veterinary medicine. The order won its case in Quebec Court on Dec. 19.

The order became aware of Godin’s actions after being informed of them by the provincial agriculture ministry. The ministry had seized the dog after receiving an animal cruelty complaint. Godin admitted he had performed the surgery, which left the dog so injured and infected it had to be euthanized.

The order is citing the incident as a reminder that only their members are permitted to carry out any veterinary procedure, a position backed up by Quebec’s Code des professions.


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