Pet owners skeptical following latest dog food recall

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January 31, 2018, on its Facebook page, Hills Pet Nutrition announced it’s voluntarily recalling select canned dog food.

It contains a dangerous amount of Vitamin D from its supplier. Thousands of pet owners shared their story of how their dog became sick, or even died.

They believe it’s because of the product.

One SE Texas woman shared her story, saying she fed the dog food to her two German Shepherds. Then they began having health problems.

“This was a supplier problem they requested a certain concentration of Vitamin D in their foods to be supplemented,” Jeff Toman said, Veterinarian.

Toman says too much Vitamin D for animals can lead to health problems.

“Vomiting, not wanting to eat, increased drinking, drooling, a nauseated stomach increased urination,” Toman said.

All of which can lead to a sick pet. Toman says he’s used Hill’s products for more than 30 years, and he fully trusts the product.

“It’s one of those things there’s always a percentage of the ones that are susceptible,” Toman said. “But you don’t die immediately from food not unless of poison this is just an overdose of nutritional supplement.”

“We vet everything that comes in this store,” Patti Vincent said.

Vincent is the owner of Puppy Love in Beaumont, she says all pet owners should be aware of what they’re feeding their pet.

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“It’s just like with us now every human should be looking at what they’re eating and questioning the value of it and its the same thing with dogs,” Vincent said.

“You are what you eat to the point that if you know your ingredients your health wise are so much better,” Toman said.

For more information on Hill’s Pet Products and a list of recall products, click here.

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