Kitten’s twisted legs make him look like a spider

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(Picture: Tracy Pitisci)

Every kitten is a glorious being. This is a fact.

But Aries is a very special kitty.

He and his siblings were born at a shelter after his mum, a feral cat with three legs, was caught in a trap. The kittens were quickly put up for fostering as the shelter environment was stressing out them and their mum.

Help came in the form of Tracy Pitisci, who fostered the family through a rescue centre called Ana’s Angels. She took them in just hours after the kittens had been born, with the hopes that a comforting home environment would encourage the kittens’ mum to take care of her kiddos in peace.

As the kittens were getting settled in, Tracy noticed Aries.

She noticed him because he looked a little different to his siblings – he had twisted legs, which made him look like a spider.

(Picture: Tracy Pitisci)

‘They were completely bent up against his stomach,’ Tracy told The Dodo. ‘You could tell the joints were not facing the correct direction.’

Thankfully, Aries has Tracy, who will do whatever she can to make sure the kitten’s unusual legs don’t hold him back.

After giving away the other kittens, Tracey has decided to adopt Aries permanently, as well as his mum, Diana.

So far, he’s living a healthy and happy life. He has some difficulty climbing out of his playpen, he can’t jump, and he prefers to scoot around on his bum rather than taking steps, but that doesn’t prevent him from playing, clambering over obstacles, or trying to explore.

He’s not in any pain and there’s nothing wrong apart from being born with twisted legs and contracted tendons – he just looks a little different.

(Picture: Tracy Pitisci)

‘We knew that we loved Aries and that we were always going to do everything to make sure he had what he needed,’ said Tracy. ‘Then we realized that he had already found his forever home with us. Adopting Aries has brought tremendous joy to our family.

‘He will always try to do something he wants to do.

‘If he sees something he wants to climb, he will give it his best attempt.

‘To help him overcome some of his limitations and let him experience life like other cats, we thought to take him on adventures with us and show new things to him. He regularly goes to the park where he likes to go down the slide by himself and enjoys the beach.’

If you’re as in love with Aries as we are, you can keep up with his adventures on Instagram.

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