These dogs are enjoying the snow more than anyone

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Us humans may be sick of the snow before it even hits the ground, but for dogs it’s basically heaven.

While snow has settled in some parts of the UK already, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon as the UK is facing ‘very significant snowfall’ this week.

Yellow weather warnings warns of travel chaos and school closures but for our four-legged best friends, the wintry weather means just one thing; playtime!

And lucky for us, we don’t even have to go outside to look at those adorable creatures playing in the white powder because kind dog owners, who have to go outside to walk their pets anyway, have snapped pictures.

Here are some of the best pictures of dogs enjoying themselves in the snow across Britain today:

David Freeman said his dog loves the snow and especially playing in it with his ‘best buddy’ (Picture: Frazz_er)
One dog owner in Macclesfield said ‘these pooches are loving the snow on our lunchtime walk’ (Picture: KnittingJelly)
Frenchie the French Bulldog chased snowballs in the village of Tintwistle in the High Peak district today (Picture: Getty Images)
Katie said her Jack Russell Cleo loves snow but ‘I hate it because it’s cold’ (Picture: Cartoonsfidgets)
A husky dog enjoys a walk on Camp Hill, Woolton, as forecasters predicted ‘very significant snowfall’ this week (Picture: PA)
Police Dog Kato of Greater Manchester Police really enjoyed the snow, with Inspector Tariq Butt asking ‘is that a snowball or a tennis ball covered in snow?’ (Picture: TariqButt2)
Janice Tullock shared a picture of this adorable dog in Liverpool (Picture: JTullock)
Guide Dogs Newcastle shared pictures of their adorable little helpers playing in the snow (Picture: GuideDogsNE)
Some were so lucky they got both snow AND sun today (Picture: Stuart Hartley)
Pete the Miniature Schnauzer enjoyed the wintry weather in Worthington Park (Picture: Chris Bull)
Jack the Jack Russell enjoyed the cold on Winter Hill in Rivington today (Picture: Mercury Press)
A labrador sitting in the snow in freezing cold Derbyshire this morning (Picture: Mercury Press)

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