People who feed cats or expulsion are fined

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For the last seven years, a Palmerton resident World Health Organization desires to be acknowledged solely as Sandy has been feeding 2 altered male cats that sleep in her yard.

But last week Sandy got summons within the mail fining her $123.25 for doing therefore. 

“I didn’t know you’re not supposed to feed cats,” said Sandy.

The two male cats were the last of fourteen Sandy cornered, castrated and free over the years. Enacted in Gregorian calendar month 2017, Palmerton Ordinance 728 prohibits feeding stray cats.

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Crum and Sandy area unit currently among a gaggle of individuals World Health Organization wish borough council to vary the ordinance therefore it’s additional humane for stray cats and legal for those that wish to assist them. As for her summons, Sandy says she’s going to fight it.

“This area unit my cats. They sleep in the yard. I think about them mine thus I am going to plead clean-handed,” same Sandy.

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