Adorable kitten follows a man home and refuses to leave and four years later, he is still with him – catsislove

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Cats are very beautiful and lovable creatures seeking to humans and expect love, care and return from their owners, and this cat is no exception, see what he did. Nala is a beautiful cat from a poor neighborhood in Kenya. He followed a man in his house and refused to leave until he got what she wanted. He preferred the comfort of his house to stay in the streets. Who did not want it? She needs to be nurtured

The man in question, Nala, who soon became the owner of Kenya, went to work for an organization that met the needs of poor and needy children. The cat came looking for a house to get what she wanted. The man gave him some water and food and refused to leave. Soon, he began to thrive in an internal environment with his humanity, and it was obvious that he was starving love in the streets and needed all the attention and care he could get.

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