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A lost cat has taken up residence in an ancient mountain fortress in Korea. Nobody really understands how she got there. When tourists cross it, she does not move an inch, she just sits in the same place and she does not look like a typically lost cat. After the people had left the cat, they started moving and laughing. It was then that they discovered that she had lost a leg. And then, one by one, four kittens under the fortress appeared!

They all looked healthy, and despite her injury, she took care of it. But as soon as someone approaches the kittens, they return to their hiding place. It is a strange place to breed kittens because there is no food around and is quite isolated from the rest of the city. This benevolent mother’s cat had to be left up there by a man who did not want her anymore, because she was very kind to people. It was decided that the best thing to do was to capture this family and give them a chance to live better.

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